Real Estate Agents are dominating new construction sales with this simple 3 step system.

We're Helping Motivated Real Estate Agents Make More Money by Selling New Construction Homes.

We help real estate agents feel more confident in growing their businesses by revealing  proven systems  that allow them to tap into any residential Luxury or New Construction market within 45 days.

Luxury and New Construction Commissions Have Always Been Within Grasp...
We Show Real Estate Agents How To Get In On The Action!

Wouldn't it be Awesome if the complication, overwhelm and confusion was removed from real estate marketing and lead generation?

The Iconic Agent "New Construction Marketing Mastery Program" is a mentorship and training program that explains real estate marketing and lead generation in simple actionable steps.

Real Estate agents at any experience level can implement effective lead generation systems to attract new construction buyers, build a solid pipeline of leads, and scale their commissions.

Bottom line...Close More Deals!

Direct support from the Iconic Agent team plus the engagement with top performing real estate agents in the Iconic Agent Community…no real estate agents are left unsure or lost.

Here are a few reasons to Sell New Construction (besides the fact that it'll most likely be the easiest commissions you'll ever earn)...

Less Stress
There's no need to stress over limited inventory with new construction homes, let every other local agent fight over listings and get into bidding wars. Iconic Agents have virtually unlimited inventory because they’re focused on new home inventory.

Build a Quality Pipeline
 Iconic Agents build a steady pipeline of quality new construction home buyer leads which helps assure they’ll have ongoing business in the future. Many times eliminating the need to live commission to commission.

Break Into Luxury Markets
Iconic Agents are able to break into luxury new construction markets without prior relationships or experience allowing them to make more money with less work.

We've Helped Realtors Sell An Additional $200 $425 million+ in New Construction, and Luxury New Construction, since 2020! (and have the receipts to back it up)

What Clients Are Saying...

I can’t stress how valuable the Iconic Agent Community and Training are... as a result of being part of the Iconic Agent training, I met a broker that I started working with and just  closed a 1.2 million dollar deal (3% commission).

In the Iconic agent community, there are other agents killing it and the network in the community is super super powerful... There are many opportunities for members to work together...What you're doing is awesome...

Nathaniel C, Ft. Lauderdale Fla

… all the training fits into a puzzle and then you understand the ROI...I spend $660 monthly with Zillow and those leads are not even close to the quality of leads I'm getting with the New Construction Marketing Mastery System...the awesome part is the leads are actually looking for you specifically.

Stevette W.,  Metro Houston Tx

What I learned in the last couple of modules in the past week is more than I would have learned in an MBA marketing course...This is CRAZY! This is real world information I can turn into real dollars instead of all that theoretical stuff

Thomas F., DR HORTON Rep, Ohio

It's Not Right...

…that nowadays real estate agents are exploited and preyed upon by sub par lead generation companies that over promise and waaaayy under deliver.

This is why we mentor and teach real world marketing skills and strategies so real estate agents never get taken advantage of again.

It Makes No Sense That...

…Every marketer or agent under the sun creates a Facebook course and is now the leading expert selling their real estate marketing Facebook course.  

This is why we tell agents to stop, think and ask themselves... when was the last time you (or anyone you know) went to social media to look for a home?  People looking for real estate NOW go to search engines NOT social media. This is the basis for getting better quality leads and better results. 

It's Really Unfair That...

…Some brokers and teams promise their agents a steady flow of leads... and when it’s time to put their money where their mouth is... they fall short with  low quality or never ready leads that leave their agents frustrated and spinning their wheels.

Real Estate Agents DON'T NEED LEADS...they need buyers!

We show our clients exactly how to identify and attract new construction buyers and generate a pipeline of leads that typically close 4X faster (and are a better quality) than the average Zillow,  Redfin and Social Media leads.

Taking advantage of the opportunity in new construction is not hard when you have the right information, support,  and use the 3 Step R(D)+Z+B Method!

Here's how to get started : 

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    Schedule your Free Strategy session to learn more and get additional help applying the R(D)+Z+B method to your business!

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This is The Iconic Agent Promise

  1. You don’t have to figure it out alone or pay extra for support, we’re here every step of the way to help and make sure you are successful.
  2. Generating leads will never be an excuse again. You can’t NOT generate new home buyer leads when you follow the system.
  3. We’re as invested in your success as you are.  No fluff, just actionable guidance so you are empowered.
  4. You’ll never waste money on marketing. We’ll show you how to track and measure everything so you will always know your return on investment and be able to intelligently scale your business.

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