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New Construction Marketing Mastery [NCMM]
Here's what Lavar says...

Lavar Harden - Roseland Group - Keller Williams Preferred Houston

Top 5 Reasons Top Performing Agents Sell New Construction



Very Little Competition - Not Many Realtors Think About it

90% (or more) of real estate agents think about selling new construction homes as an afterthought. Or they have a misunderstanding of new construction and don't even realize they can sell it without working for the builder/developer.



New Construction has Homes Have More Inventory

If you're in a market where resales don't last more than 45 days and your buyers have to fight tooth and nail to get in their next home....ask yourself why are you putting your buyers through that pain? New Construction allows your buyers to create their dream home and make it their own. In most markets, new construction homes have 50 or more homes available so its a buffet of homes for your buyer and your idea client.



New Construction is (paper) Less Work Than Resales

Selling new construction is less work on you the "buyer" agent. You typically only need to walk into the sales center or model home with your client to get credit for the sale and the on-site staff handles most (if not all) of the paperwork. All you need to do is usher your client through the process...be there for them when they need you and...show up at the closing table and collect your check.



Same Amount of Work with Better Clients and Higher Commissions

When you pick a price point that your "Ideal Client" would be interested in...you're dealing with more financially capable and decisive clients. It takes more work to sell a $150-175k home than it does to sell a 250-400k new construction home. Why aren't you selling more new construction?



Builders do the Heavy Marketing for You

Builder suck at marketing but are good at branding. A smart real estate agent (or one that's taken the free training or enrolled in the NCMM trianing) leverages the builder marketing to generate new construction leads and sales at will.

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