How to Grow Your Real Estate Business Selling New Construction in the Next 4 Months ...Even in a Tough Economy!

The New Construction Buyer Attraction Home Study Training + Workbook & Cheatsheets

The ONLY PROVEN new construction buyer attraction system
resulting in over $200 million dollars of sales in the last 3 years. 

Here's what you'll receive with this Home Study Training.

  • 6-hour Self-Paced Home Study Training + Cheat Sheets – The training contains everything you need to find new construction projects and build out a buyer pipeline in your market using the R(D)+Z+B Formula.

    You’ll discover how to:
    •  Find new construction projects that have been hiding in plain sight so you can become the new construction specialist in your area 
    • Determine buyer demand for communities so you can identify the communities that are the best fit for your ideal client so you don’t risk wasting any time or money with unqualified buyers 
    • Build out your new construction buyer pipeline with quality prospects so you can start making sales quickly and begin achieving your financial goals. 
    • Attract out-of-state buyers, and relocation buyers, that your competition doesn’t even know exist so you can build a pipeline of local and national buyers and referrals

  • Step-by-Step Walkthrough – Get over-the-shoulder demonstrations, explanations, and practical application of the entire 3-step process so you know exactly what to do, and why you’re doing it feeling confident in your ability to execute. 
  • Secrets to On-Site Agent Partnerships - Expert Interview with a top producingTeam Leader and a 7-year veteran on-site agent discussing how to successfully partner with on-site agents so you can give more effective presentations and close deals faster. 
  • New Construction Buyer Attraction Engagement Strategies – Offer full-time support and engagement to clients, even if you’re a part-time agent, so you can maintain your work-life balance and still achieve your financial goals without extra stress.
  • Plug and Play Cheat-Sheets, Checklists, and Templates – All the tools you’ll need to attract new construction buyers and build a quality pipeline of prospects so you don’t have to worry about creating anything from scratch or being a tech wizard to get results.

    You’ll receive: 
    • Proven high-converting email/SMS templates, that work in every market, so you don’t have to worry about what to say in follow-up emails and online conversation 
    • Our 200 million dollar new construction sales fill-in-the-blank ad cheat-sheet to use so you can model after successful ads that work and write your ads within 30 minutes so you never get stuck with writer's block 
    • Proven high-converting landing pages (plug-play) so you don’t have to be concerned with getting stuck on technical setup and implementation.
  • Scalable Automation Blueprint - Clone yourself so you can handle more leads efficiently, never dropping the ball on follow-up and build your business on your terms 
  • VIP Concierge Desk and Support Group – Access to a VIP support group and concierge desk so you don’t get stuck and have the support to move forward with certainty 
  • Quarterly VIP Coaching + Recording Replays (Lifetime Access) – Exclusive invites to VIP Coaching every 3 months so you get hands-on support and stay updated on the most recent strategies to help you maintain success 
  • VIP Virtual Happy Hours & AMA Sessions – Access to exclusive closed-door marketing, and real estate conversations with experts and the community so you can network, refer and receive additional business

Additional BONUSES Value over $7,683:

  • BONUS#1 ($Value up to 500) – Up to $500 credit for Google Ads – Get up to $500 in Google Ads Credits in the first 3 months of running your Google Ads. 
  • BONUS#2 (Value $597) YouTube New Construction Buyer Attraction with Tatiyana Hodges – Discover a simple Video marketing strategy that has been used to generate over $3 million in transactions, in under a year, so you can apply the same strategy to potentially add another few zeros to your annual commissions. 
  • BONUS#3 (Value $3,997The Iconic Agent Real Estate Referral Network – Get access to a nationwide network of real estate agents for access to referrals and deals. 
  • BONUS#4 (Value $997) Targeted Omni Present Local Branding Blueprint – Discover how to consistently follow warm leads (that already raised their hands) around the internet so you always be top of mind and solidify your local expertise and generate future business and referrals. 
  • BONUS#5  (Value $349) Get 1 Nationally Syndicated Buyer Representation Press Release Distributed to over 250+ news outlets across the country so you can get instant credibility and authority boost in your prospect's and clients’ eyes.

Grab The New Construction Buyer Attraction Playbook for only $1,599 (Limited time discount)


How long on average does it take to get a deal?

Some clients have gotten deals done in their first 60 days and others have taken a little longer. On average (based on several hundred client’s data) it takes 4.5 to 5 months to get to your first deal and get to a known ROI. Once you know your ROI you’ll have a game plan to crush your goals predictably based on your specific return on investment.

How many leads can I expect & How quickly can I get leads?

Clients have generated leads as quickly as 3 days to 10 days depending on their level of effort and the market they are in. The number of leads varies based on individual monthly ad spend and lead cost and can vary from $7 - $50. The quality of the leads is the focus in this training and not the quantity.

What is the required monthly ad spend?

Recommended monthly ad spend is $5 per day ($150 monthly) per campaign. It’s also recommended to start with 2 campaigns, 1 local and 1 out of state/relocation campaign. Once you know your numbers you can increase your ad spent to get to your goals faster.

Will I get support if I get stuck or will I be left to my own devices?

It’s unlikely that you will get stuck based on the information provide and the step by step instruction but if you do…you’ll have access to our VIP concierge support group and support desk and Quarterly VIP Coaching Calls.

My current clients aren’t able to get qualified or they can’t afford new construction…how will this help?

If your sphere is broke, that’s ok we’ll show you how to build a pipeline of new construction (or luxury new construction) prospects and buyers so you don’t have to rely on your current sphere

Is this a one-time investment or monthly, annual investment?

The new construction buyer attraction playbook course is a one-time investment with lifetime access. There are no monthly or annual charges to maintain access. There are monthly subscription fees for the tools needed to make everything work plus ad spend

Will this work with interest rates increasing and inflation?

As a BONUS we’re going to have this conversation (and Q&A) with top producing agents and brokers, using the system, to show you how they are navigating the current market.

What if I’m not technical or creative and don’t have experience setting up marketing campaigns?

No worries! You’ll have access to step-by-step instruction, copy/paste templates and resources needed to execute with confidence and limited technical know how. If you can follow instructions and update basic elements (like sending email attachments or updating word documents) then you can do this.

Can I use this program if I have never sold new construction at all?

YES! It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new agent or a veteran agent you can take advantage of the information we’ll share and succeed. You’ll learn how to find new home communities that have been right under your nose as well as what to say to build rapport with on-site agents and more.

Do I need to be a social media expert to make this work?

NO! Our most successful client (Len who’s sold over $40 million in the last 2.5 years) has implemented the 3-step strategy and NONE of his sales came from social media. You can use social media to ENHANCE this strategy, but it is NOT NECESSARY at all

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