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Discover the R(D)+Z+B=$ Method Real Estate Agents have been using to generate over $400 Million in additional new construction home sales (and luxury new construction) since 2020 without social media or old school tactics 

We've made the difficult decision to discontinue the 5 Day Workshop. We are now offering a Wednesday masterclass where we reveal the 3 step process used by agents above to attract new construction and luxury new construction buyers in and out of state. 

The next workshop dates will be March 11-March 15, 2024 at 7 pm EST/6pm CST daily

Join us live and this is just a taste of what you'll learn:

  • Proven methods to get prospects to respond so you can convert them 4X faster than any other lead source doing more deals in less time. 
  • Gain the advantage of a little known stealth marketing strategy you can use immediately to stop competing with every other agent while beating out builders, Zillow, Realtor.com and Redfin for new home leads.
  • Secrets to locating in-demand communities that provide you with a steady flow of buyers, and sellers, for years to come...so you can stop driving to and from random showings and build a pipeline at the price point you desire.
  • How to add more stability to your real estate income. 
  • How to Attract your IDEAL Luxury, New Construction, and relocation clients so you can build an elite pipeline, earn higher commissions, and begin living the lifestyle you desire.
  • Simple easy to implement follow-up strategies that will keep you top of mind with prospects so they will refer you or remember you when they are ready to make a move.
  • The secret to getting builder reps to willingly partner with you (FREE) and how to leverage listings so you can double end deals and earn twice the commission.

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