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Congratulations, You're Registered!

IMPORTANT! In a few minutes you'll receive an text message and an email from me containing the special link you'll need to attend this private live masterclass. The email looks like this:

That text and email have all the information you need to attend live. It's important that you come 10 minutes early because we can only hold 100 attendees and entry is on a first come first serve basis. PLUS read the rest of the page to understand why you'll want listen in on the first 10 minutes of the Masterclass

NOTE: To Get the most out of this Masterclass we recommend watching in on your Desktop/Laptop Computer or a Tablet .

What to Expect

My first goal is to make this the best masterclass (in terms of value) you've ever experienced.
Here is how that's going to happen:

  • First: You will receive a worksheet and action plan prior to attending  (via email). Be sure to complete the worksheet during the training so you have a take away and can take instant action on what you'll also be eligible for some really cool stuff when you complete your action plan.
  • Second, you will see actual results (PROOF) from different real estate agents that are applying exactly what you'll be learning. You'll discover this works whether you just got your license, or if you're a seasoned agent.
  • Third. Attend Live and get there early (10 minutes early). Attendees that attend early and and stay for the entire Masterclass will get some really cool gifts and more....

What I need from you

To get this most of of this training you need to show up with a mind for action . There is a difference between passive and active learning. Passive learning is setting a goal before, the masterclass itself will help you achieve it. Active learning is you seeing yourself apply what you learn and applying it to your own specific and unique situation.

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